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‘Willy Wonka Jr.’ photos available

Update: We have posted more than 500 photos from the Thursday and Sunday performances of Willy Wonka Jr. Sorry, but we were unable to photograph the Friday or Saturday casts. (If others have photos from the shows, I am sure they will share them, as Jennifer did here on Facebook.)

The photos are free to download and share from the links below, but please read the instructions below first.

When you open an album, you will see a down arrow in the large photo at top, near the album name. Click that if you want to download ALL of the photos from that day. Otherwise, click open an individual photo and look for the down arrow. You can download various sizes — medium or large is good for emailing or posting to Facebook. Large or original are best for printing.

The photos are lightly edited, so they would benefit from more work in any photo program, like Apple’s Photo, Photoshop Express, etc. If you have any problems or need a larger size to crop and print, email johncutter(AT)me(DOT)com.

Click here to see the Thursday photos on Flickr.

Click here to see the Sunday photos on Flickr.

‘Willy Wonka Jr.’: Tuesday-Friday cast list

A note from Amanda Warren: Congrats to the Tuesday-Friday class pl. Please start memorizing your roles and be ready to work on Friday. (Also remember Friday’s rehearsal is at the YPT building!)

Charlie- Olivia Novotany
Wonka- Cassidy Kearney
Grandpa Joe- Kirk Simpson
Mrs. Bucket- Madison Scaringella
Candy Man- Taylor Bronson
Phineous Trout- Audrey Wikan
Augustus Gloop-Brandon Glisson
Mrs. Gloop- Maria Rossodivito
Veruca- Bridget Nievinski
Mrs.salt-Chloe Sybert
Violet- Katie Gagnon
Mrs. Beauregard -Taylor Beylou
Mike Teevee- Jake Scaringella
Mrs. Teevee- Hannah Zeller
Narrator (Wonka’s narration lines)- Maddy Freeman
Mr. Bucket- Anna Ilka
Grandma Josephina- Alexis Shirley
Grandma Georgina- Audrey Houston
Grandpa George- Brady Jenkins
Oompa 1- Taylor Bronson
Oompa 2- Autumn Fulton
Oompa 3- Madison Scaringella
Oompa 4-Kaylee Houston
Oompa 5- Emily Broker
Oompas- Josie Wedell, Cynthia shard, Alexis lefleur, Madeline largey
Candy kids and squirrels- Emily McCormick, Grace McCormick, Nicholas Wittman, Luke Levonious, Caleb Coalter, Ella Brigoni, Katelyn Fetting

‘Williw Wonka Jr.’: Monday-Wednesday cast list

A note from Amanda Warren: Congrats to everyone! We will be adding an understudy show on Saturday, May 19, at 2p.m. If your name is listed second next to a character, you will be performing in the understudy show as that role. If you are the only name listed next to a character, you will play the same role in all three shows. All of the Monday/Wednesday class will be in the added Saturday matinee, so
please add this show to your schedule ASAP! See you Wednesday — and start learning those lines!

Narrator (all of Wonka’s narration lines) – Mikayla Williams, Justine Keller
Willy Wonka – Walker Ford, Jonah Locke
Charlie – Joe Patterson, Victoria Radnothy
Grandpa Joe – Tommy Sills
Mrs. Bucket – Kayla Alvarez
Phineous Trout – Julia Sills, Raechel Rumbley
Mrs. Gloop – Anabel Granger
Augustus Gloop – Logan Hiott
Veruca – Leah Germain
Mr. Salt – Meghan Mamoliti, Grace Patterson
Violet – Hannah Patterson, Tatum Donavan
Mrs. Beauregard – Analise Cutter, Andi Cihowski
Mike Teevee – Laine Ford, Phillip Leslie
Mrs. Teevee – Daphne Wooten, Ava Bixby
Candy man – Justine Hall
Mr. Bucket – Garrette Balentine
Grandma Josephina – Chloe Dotson, Mia Mirageas
Grandma Georgina – Abby Mullens, Megan Hinton
James – Aaron Coalter, Emma Ethington
Mathilda – Tyler Keye, Aubree Thomley
Oompa 1 – Tyler Keye
Oompa 2 -Justine Hall
Oompa 3 – Kayla Alvarez
Oompa 4 – Mikayla Williams,
Oompa 5 – Kassidy marahall
Oompa loompas – Lilly Peterson, Shelby Mullholland
Candy kids, Squirrels – Olivia Rodriguez, Deandria Leslie

‘YPT Follies,’ ‘Willie Wonka Jr.’ scheduled for spring

Our spring classes for the Bay Street Players YPT resume on Jan. 9, with rehearsals for the YPT Follies, a variety show featuring music from the 1980s. Shows are scheduled for March 1, 2, and 3 at 7 p.m. and March 4 at 2 p.m. Class size is limited, so check with the box office at 352-357-7777 for room in our Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Friday classes. (Here is an enrollment form.)

Our other spring production is Willie Wonka Jr., with rehearsals starting on March 5. Performances are scheduled for May 17, 18, and 19 at 7 p.m. and May 20 at 2 p.m.

Please have a safe and happy holiday season. See you in 2012.