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‘Little Mermaid’ photos available

A scene from the Thursday night performance of 'Little Mermaid.'
A scene from the Thursday night performance of ‘Little Mermaid.’

Update: We have posted about 1,500 photos from the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night and the Sunday afternoon performances of Little Mermaid. (Note: An earlier version of this post had incorrect dates for what we posted and for name of album.)

You can find Wednesday night photos on our Flickr page here … the Thursday night photos here … the Friday night photos here … the Saturday photos here and the Sunday photos here.

The photos are free to download and share, but please read the instructions below first.

When you open an album, you will see a down arrow in the large photo at top, near the album name. Click that if you want to download ALL of the photos from that day. Otherwise, click open an individual photo and look for the down arrow. You can download various sizes — medium or large is good for emailing or posting to Facebook. Large or original are best for printing.

The photos are lightly edited, so they would benefit from more work in any photo program, like Apple’s Photo, Photoshop Express, etc. If you have any problems or need a larger size to crop and print, email johncutter(AT)me(DOT)com.

Past YPT show photos are available on our main Flickr page.