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‘Bugsy Malone Jr.’ photos available

Photo from Thursday's Bugsy Malone Jr./Bay Street Players YPT
Photo from Thursday’s Bugsy Malone Jr.

UPDATE: We have posted more than 900 photos of Bugsy Malone Jr.  shows from Thursday night through Sunday afternoon.

The photos are free to download and share from the link below, but please read the instructions below first.

When you open an album, you will see a down arrow in the large photo at top, near the album name. Click that if you want to download ALL of the photos from that day. Otherwise, click open an individual photo and look for the down arrow. You can download various sizes — medium or large is good for emailing or posting to Facebook. Large or original are best for printing.

The photos are lightly edited, so they would benefit from more work in any photo program, like Apple’s Photo, Photoshop Express, etc. If you have any problems or need a larger size to crop and print, email johncutter(AT)me(DOT)com.

You can find Thursday’s photos here.

You can find Friday’s photos here.

You can find Saturday’s photos here.

You can find Sunday’s photos here.

Bugsy Malone Friday/Bay Street Players YPT
From Friday’s show.

Update: All ‘Bugsy Malone Jr.’ photos available

Bugsy Malone Jr./Bay Street Players YPT
Photo from Thursday performance of 'Bugsy Malone Jr.'

Update on Dec. 17: We have now posted photos from Thursday’s performance in our  online gallery as well as a gallery of photos from Friday’s show. As always, the photos are free to download and share with others. You can download the full set as a zip file by clicking the download arrow at the top of the gallery. You also can download just one photo by clicking on the photo and then clicking the arrow at the bottom of the photo.

Posted on Dec. 15: Congratulations to the cast — and thanks to our enthusiastic audience — for a successful opening night of the Bay Street Players YPT performance of Bugsy Malone Jr. The show continues at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. (Don’t forget the performances of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at 2 p.m. Saturday and 7 p.m. Sunday.) All shows are at the Historic State Theatre in downtown Eustis. Buy tickets online now.

Costume list for ‘Bugsy Malone Jr.’

A note from Amanda Warren about costumes for our upcoming performances of Bugsy Malone Jr. on Dec 15 to 18. (Buy tickets now):

Below please find the items you will need to provide for your costumes for the upcoming production of Bugsy Malone. Dress rehearsal will begin the week of December 5th — you must bring ALL parts of your costume this day. Please be sure to label your costume pieces. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at

  • Flapper Girls — black tights (2 pairs) black character heels  (can be found at, Bobby pins.
  • Dandy Dan’s Gang (this includes Dandy Dan) — men’s black button down collar shirt, men’s black dress shoes or black ballet flats/ jazz sneakers, black socks.
  • Kayla Alvarez, Cassidy Kearney, Laine Ford and Abby Mullens — black tights, black shoes (Kayla you will also need a black button down shirt).
  • Fat Sam’s Gang — bright colored men’s button down shirt (i.e. red, green, orange, purple, etc.), men’s black dress shoes or black ballet flats/ jazz sneakers, black socks.
  • Katie Gagnon, Savannah Moore, Walker Ford, Phillip — black dress pants, black shoes.
  • Fat Sam –men’s black button down collar shirt, men’s black dress shoes or black ballet flats/ jazz sneakers, black socks.
  • Ensemble girls — black tights (2 pairs) black shoes (either character heels, ballet or jazz flats).
  • Bugsy, Paper boy and radio announcer — men’s white dress shirt, black pants, black shoes,
  • Blousey — tan or black character heels, black tank top (camisole style)

Please look carefully. You may be listed under one or more characters, if your name is not on here, please let me know asap. Our show is just around the corner don’t forget to buy your tickets and the spread the word! I just placed the order for silly string guns today so you know it’s going to be fun!

Monday-Wednesday cast list for ‘Bugsy Malone Jr.’

A note from Amanda Warren: Congrats to everyone who auditioned. Below please find the cast list. Get to work! See you Wednesday and have a great Halloween!
Bugsy- Jonah Locke
Roxy Robinson- Garrett Balentine
Dandy dan- Tommy Sills
Dandy’s gang (lines will be distributed at the next class if not specified)
Bronx Charlie- Meghan Williams
Yonkers- Tyler Keye
Benny Lee- Abby Mullens
Flash Frankie- Joe Patterson (Brandon Williams will perform on Saturday night)
Doodle- Julia Sills
Extra gang member- Analise Cutter

Fizzy- Walker Ford
Pop Becker- Erin Ansbaugh
Blousey- Kayla Alvarez
Tallulah- Tatum Donavan

Flapper girls-
Louella- Ava Bixby
Tillie- Raechel Rumbley
Loretta- Andi Cihowski
Dotty- Justine Keller
Bangles- Camryn Rivers
Extra flappers- Grace Walker, Grace Patterson and Kaitlyn Register

Fat Sam- Meghan Mammoliti
Fat Sam’s gang ( lines will be distributed at the next class if not specified)
Knuckles- Anabel Granger
Louis- Logan Hiott
Snake Eyes- Victoria Radnothy
Ritzy- Tyler Beylou
Angelo- Laine Ford
Added gang members- Savannah Moore, Joe Patterson
Waitress- Elizabeth Kliber
Butler- Syera Lokietz
Opera singer- Hannah Patterson
Oscar de Velt- Garrett Balentine
Marbini- Brandon Williams
Ventriloquist- Analise Cutter
Dummy- Joe Patterson
Lena- Maddy Freeman
Clipboard Willy- Erin Ansbaugh

Radio announcer- Kassidy Marshall
Down and outs- Aaron coaster , Emma Ethington, Chloe Dotson

Paper boy- Mikayla Williams